UFC 153 The Battle Plans for Main Card Fighters

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There is a long list of Brazilian fighters at UFC 153. Well, that was expected as the event is being held in Rio de Janiero. The list of fighters contains a good mix of experience and rising prospects, so another successful UFC event can be expected.
Sadly, UFC 153 was devastated by injuries. Nonetheless, the event still packs a jaw-breaking punch with Anderson Silva stealing most of the spotlight.
The following are the battle plans for fighters featuring on the main card.
Rick Story vs. Demian Maia
Rick Story should open the history books for this one. Going against the submission specialist Demian Maia won’t be easy. Therefore, Rick Story needs to learn Demian Maia’s weaknesses from his past defeats.
Demian Maia has never been good with strikes and takedown shots, just Chris Weidman or Mark Munoz. Therefore, Rick Story needs bring the fight to Demian Maia.
We all know that Demian Maia is a submission specialist, so he needs to mix up things. Getting into the head of Rick Story will be the key to victory. Stay on top and use clinical strikes – that’s my advice to him.
Wagner Prado vs. Phil Davis
For starters Wagner Prado should wear goggles when he steps in the Octagon. Getting poked in the eye will be a very sad excuse in his rematch with Phil Davis. Other than that, “Mr. Wonderful” should keep his guard up and stay on his feat.
Phil Davis won’t let go the opportunity to dig Wagner Prado’s grave if he finds him on the ground – and we all ready know that the Brazilian is excellent at hammering things into oblivion.
The battle plans for Phil Davis are pretty straightforward. Get Wagner Prado on the ground – and SMASH!

Erick Silva vs. Jon Fitch
This will be a tough battle. Erick Silva better have his dancing shoes on, because staying on his feet will be the key to victory. The Brazilian is excellent at ju-jitsu, which means Erick Silva should surprise his American opponent with a huge swipe.
Jon Fitch is no pushover. The American is extremely athletic and has a lot of stamina. Jon Fitch also has a history of taking down opponents who love to play on the ground, which is bad news for Erick Silva.
So, I guess the battle plan is to catch Erick Silva off guard and deal a couple of clinical blows.
Fabio Maldonado vs. Glover Teixeira
Fabio Maldonado is under the gun by the UFC President Dana White for his third straight loss. So, expect Fabio Maldonado to fight till his last breath against Glover Teixeira.
Glover Teixeira is an all-rounder, who is technically a sounder fighter than Fabio Maldonado. Therefore, Fabio Maldonado should aim for a slow fight – suck the life force out of Glover Teixeira.
Glover Teixeira needs to avoid a slugfest. He also needs to avoid the powerful fists of Fabio Maldonado. Glover Teixeira is better a favorite to win this fight, but he should end this fight before Fabio Maldonado gets into rhythm.

Dave Herman vs. Minotauro Nogueira
Dave Herman has been hammered around in the Octagon lately. Minotauro Nogueira will be relentless if he gets an opportunity to smash Dave Herman. Minotauro Nogueira will be looking for a knockout – apart from getting a helmet, Dave Herman should probably get lessons for surprising his opponent.
Minotauro Nogueira is a legend in the sport. The Brazilian veteran needs to watch out for any surprises. Rest assured the victory will be his.
 Stephan Bonnar vs. Anderson Silva
Stephan Bonnas has a chance to make history. Well, if he wins…
The pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva can punch Stephan Bonnar into oblivion. So apart from praying, Stephan Bonnar has to throw caution to the wind and avoid being a bloody mess. Perhaps, staying on level with Anderson Silva will help.
Anderson Silva can bring down the “American Psycho” with one hand tied behind his back. Anderson Silva can pick apart Stephan Bonnar, but the Brazilian shouldn’t get cocky.
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