UFC 163: Aldo Retains His Title, And Davis Prevents Brazilian Sweep

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Aug 3, 2013; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Jose Aldo (red gloves) celebrates after defeating Chan Sung Jung during UFC 163 at HSBC Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY SportsBy Jason Sutcliffe

UFC 163 has come and gone, and it had everything you would expect a UFC event to have; there was skeptical judging, fighters moved up and down the rankings and there was an unexpected finish in the main event. All in all, there have been better fights but they weren’t horrible.

The co-main event between Lyoto Machida and Phil Davis was not action packed by any means. Lyoto was more aggressive than he was in his last fight against Henderson but at no point did he look like he was going out of his way to try to end the fight.

I personally had Machida as the winner he landed a number of counter strikes and in my opinion landed the much cleaner more effective strikes, but found himself on his back at the end of round one and two. I knew he was in trouble ending the first two rounds on his back given how much weight take-downs have with the judges regardless of what is done with them. He never stood out in either round as being way ahead before the take-downs so he needed to rely on competent judging, and we all know how that goes.

To Phil Davis’s credit he did a lot of the things I figured he would have to do to win; he never became frustrated with Machida and really put himself in harm’s way, he scored take-downs which were massive given that he was not going to win solely with his striking, and he generally stuck with in his skill set and didn’t veer too much from what he does well.

The loss is going to set Machida back a fight or two in his pursuit for another title shot. Phil Davis on the other hand did himself a huge favour tonight. He was ranked number 7 in the division and I would have to imagine that he would move past Dan Henderson into the 6 spot and possibly past Little Nog into 5th. I would say that he is a win or two away from getting his shot at the title.

In the main event Jose Aldo put his title on the line against the “Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung. Admittedly I didn’t give the Zombie much of a chance but he came out and put up a great fight.

Aldo did not appear to be the Aldo that we are used to seeing, he only through one leg kick and used his wrestling more than we have seen him use it in a long time maybe ever. It wasn’t until after the fight that we found out he had hurt his foot in the first round when Sung Jung checked one of his kicks, which forced him to change-up his game plan and fight style.
Sung Jung ran into a lot of the problems that I figured he would run into; Aldo’s athleticism, speed and explosiveness made him a nightmare for the Zombie. Once Aldo began using his wrestling there was not much the Zombie could do to stop it. Sung Jung did however land his fair share of solid shots during the fight.

Aldo was clearly ahead 3-0 in the fight when in round 4 disaster struck the Zombie. During an exchange he through a right hook that landed and popped his shoulder out of its socket. Seeing the opportunity Aldo jumped on it like a rabid animal and was able to take him down and land some big shots forcing the stoppage.

It was a terrible way to lose for the Zombie and must be a massive disappointment. Even though I feel that Aldo was winning the fight handily I would like to see Sung Jung get another shot in the future.

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8/4/13   |   jaysutcliffe81   |   25 respect

mcleodglen wrote:
good match

Yeah they weren't bad! Felt bad for the Zombie that is a terrible way to lose a fight. Machida got robbed in my opinion, but Davis fought a pretty smart fight. 

8/4/13   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

good match