UFC legend Tito Ortiz could join the WWE world

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Blog Photo - UFC legend Tito Ortiz could join the WWE world
The former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is expecting Forrest Griffin to be his final fight with the promotion on July 7. But what it the famed MMA fighter going to do after his days in the octagon? Well, by the looks of it Ortiz is going to spend some more time in the ring.
Yes, that’s right! Ortiz has quit on fighting just yet. As a matter of fact Ortiz has hinted his future could be in the WWE. At his prime Ortiz has defended his 205lb belt more times than any other man. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy is well known in the ring for his ground-and-pound moves.
However, a series of injuries has led Ortiz to a single victory in his last eight fights. Therefore Ortiz is expected to bow out of the ring after fighting Griffin. Both men have won one fight each, hence this fight would be the decider for their trilogy.
“It's my final hurrah, Forrest brings the best out of me and vice-versa, and on July 7 we're gonna get some late fireworks,” Ortiz said in an interview to ESPN.
“I've had some major surgeries but I took the fights anyway, and I've shown that I'm able to compete. A lot of athletes don't compete with injuries, but I have. Those fights with Forrest were tight, and a completion of the trilogy should be the right way to end my career.
“It's my decision, I want to leave on my own terms. I haven't been injured badly, I've got my head on my shoulders, I agreed the fight and I go out on my terms.”
Ortiz’s retirement can be seen like a setting son on the horizon but Ortiz hasn’t closed all doors to MMA. In the interview Ortiz admitted that he was interested in the UFC extension. Ortiz also said that entering the WWE world would be interesting. Undoubtedly, Ortiz has been attracted to WWE by the return of former MMA fighter Brock Lesnar.
“I may have another one... you never know,” Ortiz said. “But I've got a lot of options. I've seen Brock Lesnar go back to the WWE, that's something I may entertain, do some 'theatrical entertainment' as they call it.
“I've got my clothing company, my supplement line Punishment Nutrition, it's business to me. I'm not going to be able to fight for the rest of my life and I want to leave on my terms.”
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