Looking back at UFC on FX 7 from Brazil

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Blog Photo - UFC on FXMichael Bisping once again came up short in a big spot. Somehow the fight against Vitor Belfort would’ve given him a title shot with Anderson Silva had he won. It seems whenever presented with a golden opportunity to take the next step in his career, Bisping just can’t win a big fight. Just as he did in the fight against Dan Henderson, Bisping failed to avoid taking a big shot. It’s still puzzling why Bisping thinks his striking is on the level with certain fighters. Perhaps now he will reconsider his game plan going forward.

I will say that Bisping was robbed in the Chael Sonnen fight. However, based on his big fight performances, Silva would’ve ended that fight faster than he did in the re-match with Sonnen.

I still have no idea what is going on with the middleweight division. It is a complete disaster. Anderson Silva has already beaten Belfort, so what does the UFC do? Belfort, in Chael Sonnen fashion, called out Jon Jones, the Light Heavyweight champion, instead of Anderson Silva. Belfort somehow lasted 4 rounds with Jon Jones and actually nearly ended the fight with an armbar. Based on his first round KO loss against Silva, Belfort wants nothing to do with that re-match. More UFC confusion. This entire scenario just screams superfight with Jones and Silva. We will be robbed as fans if this doesn’t happen.

I don’t know enough about Khabib Nurmagomedov but this guy is a finisher. He has only 5 decisions in 19 wins to go along with no losses. 3-0 in the UFC and he went through Thiago Tavares with ease. I look forward to Nurmagomedov’s next fight. We always wonder when the next star will show up. This guy looks legit.

Since Gabriel Gonzaga lost a title fight against Randy Couture, his career has been inconsistent at best. Beating Ben Rothwell means very little. In fact, Rothwell may be Gonzaga’s best win since losing to Couture, which isn’t saying much. I love when fighters win a fight and then tell us that they are going back to basics. Gonzaga said he is going back to focusing on his BJJ. He has won 3 consecutive fights via submission. I just need to see it against better competition before I think he is back as a top contender.

I was very impressed with Daniel Sarafian in a losing effort. It was his first career fight in the UFC after being on The Ultimate Fighter show in Brazil. He was supposed to compete in the finals but was replaced due to injury. He really presented C.B. Dollaway with many problems. It’s rare to see a wrestler, especially a division I wrestler like Dollaway, have problems controlling anyone from the top.

Dollaway told his corner in between rounds that Sarafian is “strong as sh*t”. Sarafian did a great job of getting out of side mount on several occasions. As Kenny Florian mentioned during the broadcast, it is rare to see someone pull off a sweep in side mount. Sarafian did it twice. Only problem for Sarafian was that he appeared to gas toward the end.

At 5’9” it may be in his best interest to drop down to welterweight. He just looks so big at middeweight and his cardio could continue to be an issue with all those muscles using up his oxygen. Other than that I think he’s a solid fighter and could be a force in the future. It really was a great fight. I was stunned again that one judge thought Sarafian won the fight. I just don’t see how he won either of the last 2 rounds.
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