UPSET ALERT: Nadal Falls at Wimbeldon

6/24/13 in Tennis   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

Wimbledon has only just begun, however, the tournament will now go on without one of it's most respected stars; Rafael Nadal. 

The Spaniard is used to the pressures that ensue once Wimbledon begins, heck, he's so on-point in the first round of Grand Slam tourneys, that before today he boasted a perfect 34-0 record in the first round.  Even perfection is subject to change. 

Blog Photo - UPSET ALERT: Nadal Falls at WimbeldonNadal approached this match like any other, it seemed, however, his inability to dominate allowed the competition to take full advantage of the opportunity presented to him. Steve Darcis, the 135th ranked player entering Wimbledon, downed Nadal in straight sets (7-6, 7-6, 6-4).

It's unfortunate that the headlines will center around Nadal losing rather than Darcis taking it to Nadal from the outset of the match. An impressive performance deserves praise, rather than the disappointment of Nadal losing. Focus in sports media tends to shift toward the star, whether justified or not. 

Darcis had his moment to shine in the spotlight the second he defeated Nadal, but now - it'll all center around the epic collapse of Rafa Nadal, not Darcis' victory. 
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