U.S. Government wasting more money

5/2/12 in MLB   |   jaysinw   |   5031 respect

I know we all were taught it is bad to lie and so we go and teach our kids the same thing. We tell them when you lie sooner or later it catches up with you. This is where the U.S. government stands with Rodger Clemens, who is on trial for lying to lying to Congress in 2008, about if he took steroids. The government has not just wasted money on taking a player to trial just yince, or twice,but three times. Remeber Bonds and then there was a mitrial in the first one. So now his good friend and key witness for the DA, Andy Pettitte, claims that he may have misunderstood Clemens. Asked by Clemens' lawyer if it was fair to say it was "50-50" that Pettitte misunderstood the conversation from about a dozen years ago, Pettitte responded, "I'd say that's fair."

So with all the issues facing our great nation right now, do we really need the government to waste more money by putting Clemens on trial for lying to congress? Look around every person on that panel has lied to the American people, and they continue to do so, I do not see them on trial. This is a waste of time and resources just as it was for Barry Bonds. No matter how the case goes fans all over has all ready decided if they believe which athletes have taken RIODs during his playing career.

So really after trying it yince, does the government really have to waste more money by taking Clemens to court for a second time?
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