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US gymnastics team loses Jordyn Wieber before final, but are still favorites for Olympic gold

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Blog Photo - US gymnastics team loses Jordyn Wieber before final, but are still favorites for Olympic gold
The gymnastics event at the 2012 London Olympics is still in its beginning stages. Nonetheless, shocking results from the gymnastics world are already in the air. The United States gymnast Jordyn Wieber, who is the reigning world champion, was unable to qualify for the Olympic all-around final.
Jordyn Wieber’s teammate Ali Raisman was the reason behind the star’s omission. Ali Raisman produced a stunning score on the floor exercise during the final rotation of the day for the United States in qualifying.
Jordyn Wieber stepped outside the line of the floor exercise only a couple of times. She performed steadily through most parts of her routine, but a couple of tricky moves left her wobbly. Nonetheless, Jordyn Wieber finished strongly with a score of 60.032.
Jordyn Wieber score was the third-best of the day at North Greenwich Arena. Well, actually all top three scores belonged to members of the United States team. However, only two from each can advance to the all-round final. Therefore, Ali Raisman and Gabby Douglas naturally qualified for the next round.
Ali Raisman recorded 60.391, whilst her teammate Gabby Douglas came up with 60.265. Jordyn Wieber was clearly shocked by the outcome of this unfamiliar scenario. Jordyn Wieber sobbed uncontrollably as United States gymnastics coach John Geddert escorted her out of the arena.
Jordyn Wieber also ignored request by reporters for an interview, although United States gymnastics coach John Geddert turned his team around to say, “No words are worth a thousand.”
United States team will now help Jordyn Wieber recover from the emotional trauma she received due to this result. On the brighter side United States team has shown the firepower in their team. They are now the hot favorites to win the gold medal in the finals on Tuesday.
“Well, I’m definitely worried,” United States team coordinator Martha Karolyi said of Jordyn Wieber. “You try to find words … but it’s very hard.”
“We’re always there for her, we love her no matter what,” added Ali Raisman, who is a close friend of Jordyn Wieber. “I hope she’s happy because she really did great in the competition.”
Later, United States team released a small statement from Jordyn Wieber.
“It is a bit of a disappointment. It has always been a dream of mine to compete in the all-around final of the Olympics but I’m proud of Aly and Gabby that they reached the all-around and that I was able to help the team get to the finals,” Jordyn Wieber said.
“I think from the beginning we were looking very strong. It was always going to be close between the three of us doing all-around, and in the end it is what it is.
“It was hard because of course I wanted that spot, but I also wanted Aly to do her best for the team,” Jordyn Wieber added.
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