US team flying high for glory as World Cup endeavors sets mega-clash with Mexico

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Blog Photo - US team flying high for glory as World Cup endeavors sets mega-clash with Mexico
United States have been in the wringer against Mexico almost always when the travel to the massive Estadio Azteca. The best the Yanks have been able to manage at the 105,000-seater are draws and those too only three times amongst a total of 11 encounters. United States coach Jurgen Klinsmann was given little reason to smile about at the World Cup qualifying match at the same stadium in March earlier this year, but as Mexico travels to Columbus, Ohio for the mega clash on September 10 the Yanks must have revenge running through their minds.
United States have improved by the ton since then, having bulldozed over minnows and fought valiantly against bigger opponents. Nonetheless, there is plenty to worry about for Klinsmann as United States head for another match against Mexico. The last time United States were only 19-1 at shot on goals. They were also outmatched on corner kicks by 15-2. Open play recorded a similar saga with stats of 20-8.
It seems like a long time ago that United States recorded such results, but the fear of an upset is still prevalent. In the 13 games United States have participated since the battle against Mexico in March they have netted 41 goals! Moreover, they have picked up the Gold Cup and can boast about a 2.53-gpg average in 2013. This is the best United States best form in over 100 years. Their 12-game winning streak means United States will be gunning for more glory.
United States picked up win over mediocre teams such as Belize, Cuba and El Salvador in the Gold Cup. These helped their FIFA ranks a lot, but rivaling impressively against teams such as 10th ranked Belgium (4-2 defeat), second-ranked Germany (4-3 victory) and 13th ranked Bosnia-Herzegovina (4-3 win) means United States had improved their rankings 19th by August. The new rankings, which will be announced on September 12, are expected to give United States a better stature.
The million-dollar question is whether Klinsmann and Co. can run United States into even better form or at least continue with the same. United States assistant coach Martin Vasquez, who is among the rare few to have represented both United States and Mexico, summarized the success his side has been enjoying in a recent news conference.
“Creating chances is the one thing we have to do better against Mexico,” Vasquez said. “We'll take the same tight approach defensively, but if we put numbers in front of their goal every time and we get down the flank, we'll have opportunities to score.”
Jozy Altidore is expected to become the cult-hero for United States again, but a closer look will show that Klinsmann’s high-risk and high-reward system is what’s been paying off. It destroyed the German’s free-flowing football ideology and has improved statistic such as shots per game from 7.9 to 15.3.
“We are not here to defend or counter-break,” Klinsmann says. “We want to play eye to eye with top teams.”
This fearless approach is definitely something the American soccer fans have waited an eternity to see. It appears as if the future of soccer in the United States is heading towards a very bright future. 
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