USA vs. Ghana: "I think this is going to be war."

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US-GhanaFirst, Germany was drawn into the G1 spot, which had no effect as the first team placed in the group.

Then, Ghana received the G4 spot, and people started thinking the group could be a cakewalk for the Germans.

But when the United States want into Group G, all attention was off the world's second ranked team.

United States. Ghana. One! More! Time!

Americans prefer not to think of 2006, when Ghana beat the US 2-1 in the last game of the group phase, costing Sam's Army a trip to the octofinals. Or four years later, when Ghana again won 2-1, this time in the octos. Another four years later; another showdown between the two teams. The difference? It's the opener for both.

Naturally, team members are weighing in. Usually, it's a confident statement or trash talk. But Ghana midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah was brutally honest, saying, “I think it is going to be war because they won’t sit back to lose three times to Ghana. There is no group favorite."

duuuuh . . . !

If this doesn't turn out to be war, Ghana wins. The US is the top ranked nation outside Europe and South America because of perseverance and determination. Without those, Klinsmann and company would be in the stands instead of on the field. In fact, that's one reason the US has survived since 1776.

But this is more than a feud. The US has had huge results in the last three World Cups: beat #5 Portugal 3-2 in 2002, Drew Italy in 2006, and drew England in 2010 in a match some people wanted to see since the upset in 1950, possibly the biggest upset of the twentieth century. And advancing in this year's toughest group would be even bigger.

Ghana, however, is the long-shot, and they're clearly focusing on this one game. “I didn’t even think about Germany and Portugal."

And that's America's problem in this match, leaving us to ask how good our chances are of advancing with an opening loss.
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Ghana may be our best shot for 3 points in this group.  That being said, a draw in that opening game will not kill us.  But, it would make getting the win against Portugal imperative.  This group G is a very VERY tough group.