USA women's basketball wins olympic gold again
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Undefeated, unmatchable and unstoppable – United States celebrate with Olympic gold… again

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Blog Photo - Undefeated, unmatchable and unstoppable – United States celebrate with Olympic gold… againUndefeated, unmatchable and unstoppable – United States ripped apart France to win gold at the Olympics in the women’s basketball final yesterday. This is United States fifth straight victory women’s basketball at the Olympics.
United States started off strong against France. By the second half United States had accumulated a huge lead. France fought for a comeback, but United States superior defense and offense became an impregnable wall against their success. When the game ended the final scored board showed 86-50 in favor of the United States.
“It just shows the depth and talent in our country. Women’s basketball, it’s our sport — it’s our sport,” said Diana Taurasi, who three Olympic gold medals now. “We grew up playing since we were little and give it every single little bit of energy we have.”
Such class and outstanding form has clearly placed United States as favorites for gold at the 2016 Olympics, which will be held in Rio. Candace Parker and her 21 points played a huge role in United States 41st straight victory at the Olympics.
Diana Taurasi told reporters that she was calm and collected when she received the gold medal, although she became exuberant and ecstatic when it came to celebrating which she did with a United States flag draped around her shoulders.
 “A little trip down memory lane,” Diana Taurasi said. “The track record was going through my head. My parents, Coach was there. It was just a lot of things hit me at once, and that’s what happened.”
United States winning streak at the Olympics began with their bronze medal victory in 1992. Amazingly, United States have nearly won all of their games with a 30-point lead ever since. Moreover, United States has lost just one match in major international competitions, which happened against Russia in the semifinals of the 2006 World Championships.
United States continued with their stunning form at the London Olympics. They were only challenged by Australia when they grabbed a four-point lead at halftime. United States responded strongly against Australia in the next quarter. They increased defense and were relentless with their offense. The final whistle resulted in United States winning the game with a 13-point lead.
 “It’s not easy to just be put together and be expected to win a gold medal,” Diana Taurasi concluded. “It’s a special feeling.”
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