USC Receiver Vidal Hazelton's Father Goes After Pete Carroll. Hazelton's Grandma Disagrees.

Should Be An Interesting Thanksgiving At The Hazelton Household This Year

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Pete Carroll Vidal Hazelton InjuryYou would think that USC, bastion of college football greatness, would care for its injured players on a level that most Americans would have to pay through the nose for. Yet, to at least one guy out there, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The father of USC receiver Vidal Hazelton was a bit miffed about what he believed to be poor medical treatment that his son has gotten over the course of this season. So miffed in fact that he penned a letter to Pete Carroll that, shock of shocks, has since found its way onto the internet. So, let's get to what Poppa Hazelton said.

I must admit that I am completely perplexed by the lack of attention your training staff is giving to Vidal’s injuries. When I asked Vidal if he received treatment today, he told me that the training room is closed today. In all of my years of associating with athletes, and corresponding with athletic trainers, I have never heard of a training room being closed on a holiday during the sport’s season. This includes Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, etc.
What is being done to ensure that my son is being cared for in a proper manner??? When is the USC training staff going to meet his medical needs??? It makes me wonder if the trust that I have extended is misplaced

The letter was actually sent back on September 1st, but Carroll refused to comment on it when asked about it recently. But guess who wasn't afraid to comment on it? Vidal's grandma. She must have been awful mad about her grandson's lack of treatment too, right?

“The coaches are very good to us," she said. "There’s no confusion. They made sure he [Vidal] got his treatment and everything’s fine."

“My son is drama. I don’t know what he’s talking about.

Oh burn! Grandma Hazelton just took her own son to the woodshed. I also like how she said "My son is drama." Grandma Hazelton sounds like a pretty cool lady, and surprisingly up to date on the hip lingo of the day.

However, looks like things could be kinda awkward around the Hazelton household this holiday season.

The Vidal Hazelton mystery continues [USC Blog] via [SPORTSbyBROOKS]
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