USC blames impostors for Tony Dungy, Jack Del Rio offers

USC claims they didn't reach out to Tony Dungy, Jack Del Rio -- impostors did

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Blog Photo - USC blames impostors for Tony Dungy, Jack Del Rio offersSome big names have turned down the USC head coaching job in over the last week -- or so those big names claim. Both NBC analyst Tony Dungy and Denver Bronos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio have been offered the position, and turned it down. But they may not have been offered the job by USC. This is still a developing situation, but USC athletic director Pat Haden issued a statement that impostors actually had contacted Dungy and Del Rio. Haden makes this claim in an official USC blog post entitled USC (mis)reprentatives.

Funny, "USC Miss Representatives" sounds like a group of blonde co-eds used to lure recruits.

All kidding aside, USC claims impostors reached out to Jack Del Rio and Tony Dungy on their behalf. "USC has been alerted that individuals posing as USC representatives made overtures to two coaches regarding the Trojans' head coaching position," USC claimed in an online statement.

Blog Photo - USC blames impostors for Tony Dungy, Jack Del Rio offersOddly, Tony Dungy is backing up USC's very strange claim. "I was not contacted by an official USC rep. Turns out it was someone acting on their own," Dungy tweeted earlier today. "I have apologized to Pat Haden."

Dungy said on the Dan Patrick show Monday morning that USC had reached out to him, but that he wasn't interested.

Now it could be that in the post-Mant Te'o world, Del Rio and Dungy really were hoaxed by pranksters (or Lane Kiffin himself!). Or it could also be that USC had insisted on secrecy in the process, and Dungy and Del Rio had allowed the word to slip out, and USC is just performing damage control.

Either way, I will be disappointed if anyone other than the hilarious Ed Orgeron gets to coach USC.
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