Ubaldo Jimenez suspended for hitting Troy Tulowitzki with a pitch

Ubaldo Jimenez will take a few days off after drilling his former teammate

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Ubaldo Jimenez apparently had an issue with former teammate Troy Tulowitzki, and decided to let him know yesterday by plunking him with a pitch in a spring training game between the Rockies and Indians.

The folks in the Major League Baseball offices weren't thrilled with Jimenez, and plunked HIM with a 5-game suspension.

The issue sprung from Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez getting lucrative contract extensions, while Jimenez didn't. Instead, he was traded to the Indians.

Tulowitzki's comments on the situation: "If someone doesn't want to be here we always say, 'Please, go up to the manager and tell him you want to leave or that you don't think this is the best place for you.' That was kind of the case with him."

Rockies manager Jim Tracy said he lost all respect for Jimenez, and quite frankly, I don't blame him. At this point, the Rockies are probably thrilled that they got this nut job off their hands while he still had some trade value.
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4/3/12   |   Cubsanappr   |   131 respect

Maybe instead of trying to hit former teammates, Noballsdo should take a look in the mirror, if the Rockies didnt give him a contract extension, there must be a reason for it. He certainly didnt earn any sympathy with his cry-baby actions.