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 Newsletter ~ drill set # 3
This drill is for two persons, it simulates defending against knife attacks. I recommend that
you use it in the adult classes only.
Discussion for students:
The reality is that knife attacks are real, terrifying and deadly. We train in a safe environment
at the dojo however, it is important to demonstrate the serious nature of protection. This
exercise is meant to be a visual aid to help the student see the effects of poor, misplaced or
incomplete techniques when facing an edged weapon.
The primary defense to a knife attack is to run; which is why I encourage constant
sprinting drills (at the end of each defense) to both develop stamina and to force the student
to deal with various drills under duress of being winded. The dojo is safe but in my opinion
should prepare for a real world confrontation with practical exercises.
The 'Marked' Knife
You need: washable markers; suggest students wear old gi or white t-shirts for this drill.
1. Have one student take washable marker and attempt to stab, slash defender.
2. Defender must block & counter in one motion (no stop time between block & counter).
3. Defender only completes block when attacker is taken down & defender can run to
other side of the dojo.
4. Attacker will use the marker to make cuts, slashes on the defender when ever possible.
Go for 15-30 attack bursts, rest, then switch.
This is not a drill to 'be tough'; the attacker moves and defender immediately removes the
threat or removes themselves from the area.
Good luck with practice!
Scott Taylor
Editor Uechi-ryu Journal
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