Under Tebow the Broncos just canít be written off

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The Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots will have their toughest test in the past couple of weeks when they face each other this weekend. The Broncos are on a 6-match winning streak thanks to their prodigal quarterback Tim Tebow, who has not only revolutionized the offensive strategies in the league but affected the culture and tradition of the NFL with all the “Tebowing” that's going around.

The Patriots are enjoying a successful campaign too. In comparison to Broncos' 8-5, they are 10-3 and have won the last five of their matches. They can also boast about not being dependant on a young quarterback for all those victories. Broncos’ head coach, John Fox has often voiced his disapproval for the unorthodox playing style of Tebow but has refrained from casting curses at him because his strategies are helping the Broncos to a happier campaign than his tactics were.

Acknowledging the success the Broncos have been enjoying for the past many weeks, Belichick admitted that the men from Denver were playing like a completely rejuvenated team. Confessing that Tebow was a great asset for the Broncos, Belichick extolled the running game of the Broncos.

“They have a lot of confidence in it,” Belichick said. “They call them, they don't get discouraged with it, they hang with it. They try to get it worked out if a play is not going well. They hit you on a lot of different points of attack, different scheme runs. Of course the quarterback has put up quite a few yards himself. Also their option plays, the option, dive option program, that type of thing. There's a lot of different ways they get that rushing yardage in bursts. They really test your defense all the way across the board from the pass rush contain the quarterback standpoint, to playing the normal run-block type of plays to their kind of specialty plays, element of Wildcat, quarterback scrambling, things like that. They get you on a lot of different levels.

Belichick also recognized the stunning comebacks Tebow had been pulling off for the Broncos in the 4th quarter of the game. In the 8 games Tebow has started this season, he has won 7 of them and in 4 of them Tebow has recorded stunning comebacks in the dying moments of the game. Admiring Tebow’s unique set of skills and his signature comebacks Belichick admitted that he would have to analyze the 4th quarter of the game differently from the other 3 when the Patriots travel to Denver this weekend.

“I'd say that's definitely something that we look at,” Belichick stated. “Yeah absolutely, we definitely look at that - how a team plays in the second half relative to the first half, how much do they repeat the same thing, how much they change it, how much they adjust their game plan. We definitely study their two-minute at the end of the game sequence - we go over that every week.” 

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