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Unfortunate accident forces team USA general manager away from Sochi Winter Olympics

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIt is a rare honor to represent your country in the Olympics and David Poile got the shot at being the general manager for the USA hockey team. He has been a general manager in the NHL for over 30 solid years now. His contribution to USA hockey are also tremendous, where he has sacrificed a lot of his free time to promote and nurture the game.
He has always had his sights on the Olympics and tried to gather players which could win them the gold and the honor. The famous “Miracle on Ice” of 1980 is something people talk about today and Poile isn’t one to forget it either. So he has been busy from last summer time to get players into the roster who have what it takes to get the USA a gold on ice and the glory back home.
Unfortunately, as fate would have it Poile will not be attending the Sochi games at all and despite giving all the time and effort, he will not be able to witness first hand if the fruit of his labors will succeed or they will have to try again next year.
Last week during the course of a game Poile took a puck right in the face which has ended any chances of him traveling to witness the game. Instead, he will be watching the games from home.
USA Hockey executive director Jim Johannson said that taking a hit from a puck was a hard thing and Poile was definitely in no condition to travel for the games.
"It's just not advisable for him to come to Sochi with everything he still has to deal with," he said.
Johannson added that Team USA would not forget Poile and will be keeping him posted at every instant about what is happening. U.S. coach Dan Bylsma said it was a letdown to know Poile will not be there to watch them play.
"To hear that he had been hurt and to know that he's not going to be coming over is a huge disappointment," U.S. coach Dan Bylsma said.
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