Unofficial Cubs mascot punches a man in a bar

The Weier family's hopes of being hired by the Cubs are quickly going up in smoke

4/7/14 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Blog Photo - Unofficial Cubs mascot punches a man in a barFor a few years now, Patrick Weier and a few other men have been parading around Chicago's North Side in a "Billy Cub" costume, mingling with fans and taking pictures with admirers.

Their hope is that someday the Cubs would hire them as the team's official mascot.

Unfortunately for them, that's extremely unlikely. Particularly after the recent video showing Weier punching a patron in a bar, after being allegedly harassed by him. Also, the team recently unveiled an official mascot, which is already the subject of ridicule.

There's a video floating around the internet showing the incident, and it's pretty unfortunate. Perhaps if the costume was sanctioned by the Cubs, they could send some sort of bodyguard around with the person in the costume. But as it stands, too many people just love to mess with guys in bear costumes.

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