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Usain Bolt leads Jamaica to new world record at 4x100m relay

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The 4x100m relay packed an extra sweet victory for the Jamaican team and Usain Bolt, who was running the last leg of the race. Not only did the Jamaicans set a new world record after with a time of 36.84 seconds to win the gold, but Usain Bolt collected his third consecutive gold medal. Ultimately, Usain Bolt succeeded at inking his name in Olympics history by collecting back-to- back golds in each event to complete his settle of doubles following the initial 4x100m relay, as well as 100 and 200m sprits at the Beijing Olympics.
"Wow," Ryan Bailey said following the 4x100m  relay final. "He's a monster."
Usain Bolt had entered the London Olympics positive about his prospects, even when he was met with a bucket load of questions regarding his health and ability to match the previously set high-bar after losing twice to teammate Yohan Blake at the Jamaican Olympics trails. But Usain Bolt proved the critics wrong.
The London Olympics crowd built a strong supportive atmosphere for the world’s fastest man, cheering him on with chants of Usain!" or "We want Bolt!"
"You guys are wonderful. Thanks for the support. I love you guys,” said Usain Bolt acknowledging their support. “"It's amazing. It's been wonderful."
The Jamaican team comprised of Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt. They were into a toe-to-toe competition against the U.S. team as Justin Gatlin and Trell Kimmons completed their legs of the 4x100m relay. The race was still going even when Yohan Bolt, who secured the silver at the 100 and 200m sprints, ran the third-leg of the 4x100m relay rounded-up on the last curve of the race with Tyson Gay posing a close competition.
However, U.S. team wasn’t even a remote threat to the Jamaicans once Usain Bolt was handed the baton. Usain Bolt immediately darted for the finish line with powerful long strides, and Ryan Bailey, who secured the fifth place at the 100m sprint, was left far behind. The 25-year-oldUsain Bolt didn’t ease-up even at the end of the race and instead driving at the finish line.
"He was basically the difference in the race,” said Tyson Gay. “It was even all the way around. When he got the stick, there was nothing we could do about it."
The U.S. team was handed the silver after clocking in 37.0 seconds. Trinidad and Tobago were handed the bronze after tying with a time of 38.12 seconds. Initially Canada came in third but was disqualified and their appeal was over-turned for running out of lane.
After learning that the Jamaicans had broken their won Olympics record set at the Bejing Olympics, Usain Bolt spared no energy at letting the world know of his delight. Usain Bolt danced bare footed and flashed his signature pose leaning back with finger pointed to the sky while Yohan Bolt struck his “The Beast” pose with hands curled like claws and a scary face to match the nickname.
Usain Bolt has succeeded in achieving six straight career-gold medals in each Olympics he has performed this far and had previously hinted that he will be retiring before the 2016 Rio Olympics. But after such a dominating London Games performance, it is safe to assume there is a big question mark shadowing any plans of retirement.
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