Usain Bolt prepares to make history with 200m gold at the Olympics

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Blog Photo - Usain Bolt prepares to make history with 200m gold at the Olympics
Usain Bolt believes he will become the first Olympian to claim victory in both sprint titles in successive Olympics when he wins the 200m final. The Jamaican told reporters that he was running at “90 percent” during the 200m semifinal race.
The 25-year-old sprinter recorded a time of 20.18 seconds to qualify for the final on Thursday. In an interview after his race, Usain Bolt told reporters that he was using official races as ground for training. He also admitted that he had plenty of energy left for the final race.
 “I was working on my technique around the corner, I really wanted to work hard in the first 70 meters, push myself to see how I feel, I hadn't run a corner hard in a long while so I did that,” Usain Bolt said.
“Execution was pretty much probably 90 percent, it didn't feel that bad, so I'm going to ask my coach to give me a few pointers and then we'll work on it for the final.”
Usain Bolt won the 200m semifinals effortlessly; still the Jamaican is wary of an upset. The winner of four Olympic gold medals informed that he was not going to take his competitors light, which include compatriots Yohan Blake.
Usain Bolt’s rivals include the American Wallace Spearmon and Christophe Lemaitre of France.
“As you know Yohan is ready, Wallace Spearmon is there and we've been here before so he knows what it takes to be a champion - Lemaitre didn't look so good in his heats but I know he's a fighter and he works hard, so there's a lot of people there who've come to spoil the party,” Usain Bolt said.
United States sprinter Wallace Spearmon got slightly irritated when he was asked by a reporter whether the 200m final will be a competition between two Jamaicans.
“That's why we're racing,” Wallace Spearmon said. “If [Bolt and Blake] weren't beatable we'd just hand them medals while we race for third or whatever. Yeah they're beatable.”
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