Usain Bolt vs Chris Johnson... In a RACE?????

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According to Yahoo sports,  Usain Bolt and Chris Johnson are in Preliminary talks to do a charity race to see who is the faster of the two.  Since this would be for charity I can see the interest in the race and why it would be beneficial, to most likely children, and individuals in need.

But on the other hand this is a no brain-er, Bolt is a world class sprinter, and arguable the fastest man OF ALL TIMES.  So this means at minimum he would give everyone from Jesse Owens, to Carl Lewis, to Michael Johnson a run for their money, and most likely win the race whether 100 or 200 meters.  So granted one can at least argue that Bolt is one of the fastest men ever, Johnson doesn't stand a chance.  Johnson is fast, is my favorite running back, and plays for my favorite team, but honestly speaking there has been others that I believe have been faster then him, such as Deion Sanders, Darryl Green, and maybe not the best player but Michael Bennett, all were burners.  The speed this players have or had is amazing including Chris's, but it's a different type of speed.  Football speed and Track & Field speed is not the same.

So while I would watch the race, and would support the charity in which these two amazing athletes would choose to reap the benefits of this race, I would not expect this to be a race at all.  Chris is great on the field, but when it comes to the TRACK, there is nothing like BOLT.

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