VIDEO: 40-person brawl at girls intramural softball game
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VIDEO: 40-person royal rumble breaks out at middle school girls softball game

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Blog Photo - VIDEO: 40-person brawl at girls intramural softball gameIt may be a slow news day, but that there's no shortage of cray-cray to our end-of-week Internet distractions. Submitted for your disapproval, we have a baffling incident in Mobile, AL this week wherein a disputed third base call in a middle school girls' intramural softball game led to a bleacher-clearing donnybrook involving 40 teenagers, parents, and coaches. There is video of this incident, and it's like seeing 40 Tyler Hansbroughs and Birdmans, except most of them are 14-year-old girls and their parents.

"I got hit several times," one parent told FOX 10 TV. "But it's girls. I mean, it didn't hurt."

The whole slapstick mess of a 40-person brawl at a girls' softball game is detailed by FOX 10, a regional station serving southern Alabama and northwest Florida. Tempers flared when a game-deciding call at third base led to a bench-clearing brawl among the middle school-age girls, which in turn led to parents bum-rushing the field. One person was arrested.

First, the raw footage. There are three YouTube videos of the melee, and of course all they're all shot from the unwatchable "sideways angle". The video below shows the shoving escalate from a single teenage cheap shot into a "Royal Rumble"-style full-on melee.

There is also a 14-second clip and an 11-second clip uploaded by smartphone users who rushed into the brawl with their phones recording.

Blog Photo - VIDEO: 40-person brawl at girls intramural softball gameFOX 10 also provides a journalistic video recap of the 40-person girls softball fight, which took place not in a school district league but in a community intramural league. "There’s a place for that kinda stuff, and it ain't out there on the field," Texas Street coach Wayne Bowen told FOX 10.

Yes, that's the girls' coach telling them there is a place for that kinda stuff.

A comment on FOX 10's web site tells the story from an obviously involved parent. "Hillsdale's 3rd baseman dropped the ball twice and our girl player for Texas Street was SAFE on 3rd base about to score we would have won the game," the commenter laments. "That's when the Hillsdale's girl pushed our girl and then punched her in the face. Then all hell broke loose."

Both teams have been banned from competition in Mobile city parks for the remainder of the season.
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