VIDEO: A-Rod hijacks Mike Francesca show with angry unscheduled appearance

A-Rod's day gets weirder: He storms live TV show and goes ballistic

11/20/13 in MLB   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

Blog Photo - VIDEO: A-Rod hijacks Mike Francesca show with angry unscheduled appearanceHowever you feel about Alex Rodriguez, you should set aside twelve minutes to watch a surreal piece of live television that aired earlier today. Not long after the embattled New York Yankees third baseman stormed out of his arbitration hearing screaming and cursing, he did not go home and relax with a warm cocoa. Instead, Rodriguez grabbed his lawyer and bolted straight onto live television. What results is mesmerizing, because Rodriguez is clearly coming unglued.

At about 12 Noon Wednesday, A-Rod and his lawyer stormed out of his arbitration hearing at Major League Baseball headquarters, with Rodriguez pounding tables, punching walls and referring to the arbitration process as "f****** b******." A little over three hours later, Rodriguez went on live television -- and he was not appreciably calmer. "I’m so pissed off right now I can’t even think straight," Rodriguez says on the air. Check out the video below. It's a two-parter.

This was not a planned appearance. Rodriguez and his attorney just plain showed up at the WFAN radio studios in New York, and were of course allowed to appear on air without advance notice.

Rodriguez gets really animated in the second part of the interview below. "I missed my daughter's birthday, first time. She's 9 on Monday, and I was here!" Rodriguez snarls.

Rodriguez' main point of contention seems to be that Bud Selig will not be testifying at A-Rod's 211-game suspension arbitration hearing. "I know you don't like New York, but you gotta come face me," Rodriguez says. "You tell me why I should serve one inning [of the suspension]. Because you're retiring next year?"

Rodriguez insists public opinion is on his side. "There's a lot of people who don't like me, I get it," Rodriguez says. "People in the streets tell me, 'I hate your guts, [but] you're getting railroaded. I'm a Red Sox fan, I hate you, you're getting railroaded."

If he keeps up these unpredictable emotional outbursts, A-Rod might actually win over a few converts.
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