VIDEO: Bill Cowher dos mascara for rock video

VIDEO: Bill Cowher embarasses self in mascara for girlfriend's music video

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Blog Photo - VIDEO: Bill Cowher dos mascara for rock videoI know I've had women talk me into doing some pretty compromising things, but at least none of it ended up on YouTube. The same cannot be said for former Pittsburgh Steelers coach and current CBS NFL analyst Bill Cowher, who was somehow convinced by his reported lady friend to appear in full guy-liner for her goth-rock video that is set in a medieval kingdom where men have access to plenty of mascara. The video is called "Cry Your Eyes Out" by Queen V and can be seen below.

Cowher lost his wife to skin cancer a few years back, so I do feel genuinely glad for him to be dating again. But oh, the Internet mockery that will be brought down on this man for appearing in mascara in his significantly-younger girlfriend's goth-rock video. Mid-life crisis much, coach?

If you cannot contain your curiosity, the video "Cry Your Eyes Out" by Queen V is below. It's got a "Game of Thrones" kind of thing going on, except less nudity and it makes zero sense.

Blog Photo - VIDEO: Bill Cowher dos mascara for rock videoIf you don't know much about Queen V, she is the singer for what I think is a band of the same name. (I can't tell whether Queen V is the singer or the band. The bio on the Queen V web site does not use pronouns consistently, so Queen V either a "she" or a "they").

She has Lemmy from Motorhead and the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine appearing on her new album. She has opened for Twisted Sister and Billy Idol on their recent aging reunion tours. She's a New York Jets fan, she does lots of work to benefit Afghanistan veterans and she looks great with a faux-hawk.

But the "Cry Your Eyes Out" video with Bill Cowher is not her best video. That distinction would go to the Queen V video for "Revolution Baby", wherein we see several chicks in bikinis frolicking in a bubble bath hot tub beginning at the 2:49 mark.
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