VIDEO: "Birdman" Andersen meets his baby lookalike

VIDEO: "Birdman" Andersen meets his baby doppelganger, adorableness ensues

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Blog Photo - VIDEO: "Birdman" Andersen meets his baby lookalikeIf you're looking for completely pointless NBA Finals-related news to whittle away the remaining hours until the next Finals game, then oh baby have we got you covered. NBC Miami recently discovered that a bird in the hand is worth two Birdmans in person, when they arranged for a meetup between Miami Heat forward Chris "Birdman" Andersen and his 8-month-old infant doppleganger, Lazaro "Baby Birdman" Pereira (pictured left). Video of the "Birdman Summit" can be found below.

The little mohawked and tattooed baby version of the Birdman is something of a miracle baby. Little Lazaro's parents had been attempting to conceive through years of their 14-year marriage, which is longer than the actual duration of any marriage I've ever heard of. But Baby Birdman's parents kept at it, eventually winning a raffle at a south Florida fertility clinic and getting the stork to deliver them a Baby Birdman.

The NBCMiami video of Birdman meeting Baby Birdman can be seen below.

Blog Photo - VIDEO: "Birdman" Andersen meets his baby lookalikeThe little tyke became something of a minor Internet sensation last month when his aunt pleaded on Twitter to "Help me get my nephew #babylaz noticed by @MiamiHEAT". Heat fans retweeted her request, bringing Baby Birdman within the eagle eye of NBCMiami who arranged the meeting and did some bird watching.

Baby Birdman rocks more of a "combed" mohawk than does actual Chris Andersen, and Baby Birdman's tattoos are drawn on his sleeves.Other than that (and a height differential of roughly four feet and seven inches), the two are nearly indistinguishable.Look at Baby Birdman with those piercing blue eyes and seriously intimidating stare.

If you're like me, though, you wondered -- wait, wasn't "Birdman" Andersen's home raided in a child porn case around this time last year? How does one come back from that kind of thing and have media sessions with adorable doppelganger baby versions of oneself?

I'm glad I asked. Turns out Andersen was never even arrested, and the whole thing turned out to be an extortion attempt arranged by an underaged woman's parents. Andersen was cleared of any wrongdoing, and never charged with anything. Birdman is innocent and appears by all means to be a wonderful guy for community work.

If you cannot get enough of Baby Birdman, check the #BabyLaz hashtag feed on Twitter which chronicles little Lazaro's eight-month rise from infancy to Internet celebrity.


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