VIDEO: Gregg Popovich berates Craig Sager in-game interview

VIDEO: Gregg Popovich berates Craig Sager for even trying to interview him

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Blog Photo - VIDEO: Gregg Popovich berates Craig Sager in-game interviewThose of us who love Gregg Popovich's irascible old pain-in-the-ass approach to television interviews have received an epic NBA preseason treat. After Thursday night's preseason San Antonio Spurs game, Pop uncorked perhaps his most inhospitable television interview session yet. With poor old poorly-dressed Craig Sager on the receiving end, Popovich went completely Judge Smails on live television during his contractually-obliged TNT postgame interview.

It is well-established that Gregg Popovich passionately despises the NBA coaching requirement to grant in-game interviews to ESPN and TNT personnel. But Thursday night's interview is a real gem of unapologetic disrespect. Give it a watch below!

"We got to do this in the preseason? Are you kidding me?" Pop yells at Sager, before Sager can even formulate a single question.

Blog Photo - VIDEO: Gregg Popovich berates Craig Sager in-game interview"It's part of the contract," Sager pleads, hoping Popovich will lighten up.

Popovich does not lighten up. "In the preseason we gotta do this? The PRESEASON?", Pop grouses, raising his voice.

Sager tries to cut the tension with a standard interview line, asking, "What was your biggest challenge during this preseason?"

"Getting to the restaurant on time," Popovich growls, and then shoots Sager a dirty look that says 'I wish I could kill you on live television'.

Sager does get one legitimate answer out of Pop regarding Marco Belinelli. "I have to find him playing time," Popovich says. "He's a good high-IQ player."

Popovich then ends the interview with, "No more questions. That's two," and he walks away.

Sager will have to once again sideline-interview Popovich when the Spurs play the Golden Sate Warriors December 19 on TNT. I can't wait. Pass the Pop-corn.

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Great stuff. Pop is hilarious.