VIDEO: Jason Collins talks coming out with 'Inside the NBA' crew

VIDEO: Jason Collins discusses his coming out with Sir Charles, Kenny, and Shaq

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Blog Photo - VIDEO: Jason Collins talks coming out with 'Inside the NBA' crewAt the tail end of last night's Western Conference playoff double-header on TNT, the "Inside the NBA" crew tacked some must-watch TV into the post-game wrap-up show. Charles Barkley, Kenny "The Jet", Shaq and Ernie Johnson scored an exclusive sit-down interview with NBA center Jason Collins on the first day after Collins publicly announced he's gay. Video of this "Inside the NBA" segment can be seen below.

This was not Collin's first TV interview after coming out -- that honor went to ABC's "Good Morning America". But there is no way that "Good Morning America" can cover any topic on earth with the insight, wit and wiseass-ery of Chuck, Shaq, EJ and Kenny.

Jason Collins' "Inside the NBA" interview can be seen below.

Unsurprisingly, the funniest and most though-provoking remarks come from the mouths of Charles Barkley and Kenny "The Jet" Smith.

Blog Photo - VIDEO: Jason Collins talks coming out with 'Inside the NBA' crew"As African-Americans, I think a lot of times, we love people to have us included," said Kenny Smith. "So we include you into whatever circle you that you want to be in, and you are more than welcome to be in that circle."

Sir Charles was also lucid on the topic. "Me being from Alabama, I'm a big civil rights person," Barkley said. "Inclusion is a big deal to me because of the civil right movement."

"Kenny always told a story about Bill Russell," Barkley continued, recounting a story from Kenny's late-80s Sacramento Kings tenure. "When Kenny said 'I don't like all of these European players coming over here', Mr. Russell, one of our idols, says 'Oh Kenny, you can't say that again. We as black people, we should always be inclusive'."

The typical "Inside the NBA" whimsical banter and trash-talking does not begin in earnest until the 10:35 mark of the above video. At no point is Collins depicted as Photoshopped into a "Goin' Fishin'" picture, nor is he ever accused of Shaqtin' A Fool.
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