VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel roasts Miami Heat fans

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel roasts Miami Heat fans in latest "Lie Witness News" segment

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Blog Photo - VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel roasts Miami Heat fansIf you think Miami Heat fans are a bandwagon-jumping bunch who can only name about three players on their team, then the latest man-on-the-street gag from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" will spur you to side-splitting laughter. In the video below, Team Jimmy has a little fun with some self-described Miami Heat fans that have serious opinions about their Heat players -- except these players do not actually exist.

In the latest installation of Kimmel's outstanding "Lie Witness News" series, several LeBron James witnesses get witless when the Kimmel crew asks them about players with ridiculous names that cannot possibly be real. Undaunted, these Miami fans take the bait like LeBron taking an 18-foot jumper because there are no options in the paint.

Extremely ample laughs can be found in the "Lie Witness News - Miami Heat Edition" video seen below.

Blog Photo - VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel roasts Miami Heat fansThis is not the only NBA-related "Jimmy Kimmel Live" clip that will make you pee your pants with laughter. There is also Guillermo at NBA Finals Media Day, Skype Scavenger Hunt with Rudy Gay and Kris Humphries, Mean Tweets - NBA Edition, and Clash of the Titus vs. Shaquille O'Neal -- wherein a two-year-old challenges Shaq to a free throw contest. Guess who wins.

Kimmel is on fire with NBA humor during the Finals, because the "Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night"episodes are airing on ABC after each Finals game. "Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night" focuses on NBA humor and airs after every remaining Finals game, including this Thursday and Sunday night, plus the remainder of the "If Necessary" games. Each of the shows has been a hilarious and top-notch specimen of Jimmy Kimmel humor.

And somewhere, Adam Carolla is about as depressed as an NBA superstar who just lost a free throw contest to a two-year-old.
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His "Lie Witness" stuff is hilarious!  But it's not just the Heat - he did the exact same thing with Lakers fans at the beginning of the finals.

He has also gotten hipsters who go to Coachella by asking them about the best indie bands (that didn't exist!).

All of those segments are hilarious!