VIDEO: Security footage of Pacman Jones' latest incident

VIDEO: Watch the security footage from Pacman Jones' latest bar fight

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Blog Photo - VIDEO: Security footage of Pacman Jones' latest incodentIn today's installment of professional athletes committing domestic violence, we have the security video of the incident leading to the most recent arrest of Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones. A warrant was issued for Jones' arrest late last week for an incident in which a female bar patron (not her at right, she's random) found herself on the business end of a Pacman roundhouse left-hand jab.

Jones turned himself in to police earlier this afternoon. His latest arrest brings Jones to eight career arrests since joining the NFL (plus one at West Virginia), solidifying his top spot among the most arrested active players in the NFL.

Cincinnati's ESPN 1350 has obtained the security video footage of Pacman Jones' latest assault incident. You can watch the video below, and see yourself whether Jones was, as he tweeted, "protecting myself".

Blog Photo - VIDEO: Security footage of Pacman Jones' latest incodentAs is typical of security cam video, there is no sound. Pacman Jones is the fellow on the outside of the gate, he appears to be wearing an orange and black striped tank top. The woman in question walks out of the bar at about the :50 second mark, wearing what appears to be a yellow dress. She engages Pacman in extremely animated fashion, makes some form of contact with his head,  then finds herself flattened hard by a rather furious punch to the face.

The woman does not appear to hit Pacman -- rather, it appears she pours a drink on his head. But the timing of the video has clearly been altered and edited, so I cannot be 100 percent sure of this.

Deadspin has a comment from an eyewitness who saw Pacman at the bar. "My friend Max and I were in Cincinnati and had been told by friends to check out a bar called Tin Roof after the game," says Deadspin commenter OhSinCity. His story is lengthy and hilarious -- Pacman buys him shots, and then goes off on him for taking a smartphone picture. Pacman hates getting pictures taken of him in bars, which apparently set off the other dispute for which Jones was arrested.

ESPN's Ed Werder makes an excellent observation that ought to induce Bengals fans with a little anxiety. "It's worth noting", Werder said, "that when [Jones] got into the public fight with his bodyguard when he was with the Cowboys in 2007, the NFL suspended him for seven games. So he could be looking at a lengthy suspension if he's found guilty of any of these kinds of charges."

Which is particularly likely when there is video of you cold knocking a woman's block off.
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