VIDEO: The Matt Stafford mic'd up video that was removed from YouTube

VIDEO: Here's that 'Matt Stafford mic'd up' video from Sunday's win that YouTube keeps taking down

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Blog Photo - VIDEO: The Matt Stafford mic'd up video that was removed from YouTubeBlogs like Pro Football Talk, SB Nation and CBS Sports all posted some dramatic footage from the game-winning drive from Sunday's 31-30 Detroit Lions win over the Dallas Cowboys. In the video, Lions quarterback Matt Stafford's helmet is mic'd up, giving us some truly memorable footage of Stafford calling the improbable drive that won the game.

Well, the footage would be truly memorable -- except you get the "This video has been by the user" message if you try to play it. The user in question is the Detroit Lions official YouTube page, so you figure this is not a copyright violation issue. But right now, many of the biggest sports blogs in America are featuring a video that has beeen pulled off YouTube, playing that infernal fake TV fuzz instead.

Well, here's one sports blog where you can see the video. One user deftly made a copy while the Lions' official version was still up. You can watch it below, and enjoy it while it lasts, Lions fans.

The video is indeed great stuff. Stafford can be heard yelling "Clock it! Clock it!" each time on the drive when he intends to spike the ball to stop the clock. On the touchdown play, Stafford is screaming in jubilation just like Lions fans were screaming in jubilation at home. And you can hear how Stafford yells "Clock it!" even to his own teammates right to up to the moment of his game-winning sneak.

Blog Photo - VIDEO: The Matt Stafford mic'd up video that was removed from YouTubeThe original video stayed up only for about 90 minutes Monday before being mysteriously removed. The Lions blog Pride of Detroit reached out to the Lions PR department for an explanation of why the video was taken down.

"Technical issue — will be back up tomorrow" the Lions claimed at about 4pm EDT Monday.

We'll take the Lions at their word for it, though "technical issue" might mean that the Lions are concerned with the amount of their playcall terminology is exposed in the video. But take heart, Lions fans -- that was just a "preview video" anyway, and a full six-minute version is typically released later in the week. Until then, be glad somebody ripped and posted a copy.
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10/29/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62032 respect

Loved it cause I'm watching him run down and saying "clock it!" apparently, and then he dives over. HA. Good job. And that lil giggle as he's yelling and running to the 1 is so funny.

10/28/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Clock it!!