Vance Joseph to call the plays with Wade Phillips on Sunday

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Interim head coach for the Houston Texans Wade Philips will be joined by defensive backs coach Vance Joseph to call the plays being made and after the practice on Thursday he told what the new scheme of defence would revolve around, reminding that Phillips still had the power to call of the plays being made by him and make his own.

“He can override me when he wants,” Joseph said. “I’ll make the call. It happens so fast (that) he probably can’t a lot, but, in between the series, he can help me out.”

The defence will be practicing hard for the coming match against the upcoming match against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at the Lucas Oil Stadium at Indianapolis. The practicing is the easy part as compared to the play making and game plans that will be made for the match. When they are completed, they can simply be called into action on the field. The players will have practiced them so there would be no issue. Joseph said although he was incharge of the defence for now, the real boss behind them was still Phillips. When asked if he would make more aggressive plays as compared to Phillips, Joseph said it was hard to say that he could manage that one.

“More aggressive than Coach Wade? That’s hard to be. I don’t know. Calling a game is really a group of us. We find the best calls for the best personnel and down and distance, and call them,” Joseph said. “Calling a game won’t be as hard as you think. All of the works been done during the week.”

Joseph has good understanding with the rest of the team. He was previously a cornerback himself and played for four years as a quarterback back in college. Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson said that he had benefitted largely from the way Joseph had coached. He gave Joseph the praise for being responsible for his evolution from a rookie to where he stood today, saying that Joseph coached with a straightforward yet precise fashion that had helped him learn the game fast.

“As an ex-player, you want things simple," Joseph said. "Players don’t want complications, especially at DB. It happens so fast, it’s got to be a simple fix. It can’t be a long fix. For a DB coach, it’s better to be simple and fast.”
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