Vancouver Canucks Ryan Kesler having issues with franchise, rumors say he wants out

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Vancouver Canucks Ryan Kesler played in the men’s ice hockey at Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 for team USA and there was heavy fan support behind him and the team. They were highly rated and were predicted to last long. But their performance said otherwise.
Once they took to the ice they lost their cool and judging from their game, they panicked. That cost them the game and their shot at the medal. Fans were quick to vent their anger and then it seemed things would go to normal as the NHL regular season 2014 kicked in action.
But such matches have their repercussions and more than often end up having an influence in the decisions that a player makes in the near future. It would seem so that Vancouver Canucks Ryan Kesler did want something to change and that was his team.
Rumors were that Kesler had requested to be traded from the franchise and had done so already, before the Olympics had started. And franchises usually have a certain power from stopping players from walking out or getting traded to other teams but in Kesler’s case, they have little to bargain with and he has more control over his situation.
But it seemed that he may have made the decision a bit early and thought it over. Kesler’s agent Kurt Overhadt confirmed that Kesler indeed was looking for change but not of franchise and no trade would be done regarding him. He instead said that Kesler was simply looking for some things within the franchise and possibly his contract to change.
The rumors are still out there and where there is smoke there is fire. And regarding Kesler’s trade, there is a lot of smoke. The Canucks franchise and Kesler have been the subject of trade talk for and for now his agent and the franchise have been issuing statements about the matter that conflict the trade.
And in case the rumors of trade have validity, it would be smart and natural for the Canucks to keep the matter secret as any sort of trade made in that way would be more beneficial for them.
If he wants to get traded, it would be better for the Canucks to go ahead and trade him instead of stretching it to the last minute. As they target the playoffs it would be in their advantage to have a good roster minus a player that did not want to be there. Kesler still has 2 years left for the contract to expire and is making $5 million a season for it. 
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He should want to leave. Vancouver is a terrible city and a trashy organization.