Vancouver Canucks and Ottawa Senators set to clash in the Heritage Classic matchup

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The Vancouver Canucks lately have been weak and out of form, losing game after game and giving a shade of the performance they are capable of. Canucks head coach John Tortorella is optimistic about the coming Heritage Classic that the Canucks will fare better in that matchup and some open air is the thing they need to refresh and start scoring again. In the last 9 games, the Canucks have lost 8 of them and their score stands at 28-24-10.
Tortorella said that some outdoor environment was exactly what they needed to get the old school feeling and get the game flowing back in their veins.
"Sometimes when you get into an outdoor situation, you feel like it's back when you were playing pond hockey," said Tortorella about the coming match.
Tortorella added that they needed some outdoor hockey to start enjoying the sport again and the coming match would provide just that.
"I think some of our guys need to, offensively, just allow themselves to play some shinny hockey,” he said. “Maybe this'll help us, I don't know, because you can't help but enjoy it when you're in a situation like this."
Even though he wants his team to get their game back in shape and enjoy this match, they still have to try and win the match against the Senators. The Senators and Canucks are having a hard time with their playoff berths and winning matches is crucial to improve their chances of making it. The Senators are facing Detroit for the last position in Eastern Conference. The Canucks are in the eight position in Western Conference and will have to up their game to improve chances of making it to the playoffs.
Tortorella said that they and the Senators were in the same positions and as they head into their matchup, he hoped that their team would win this one.
"You have two teams that are in the same situation, trying to fight to get in," he said. "Hopefully, we'll be all business then."
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