Vancouver Canucks bad game puts them in hot water

3/30/14 in   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

If the Dallas Stars or the Phoenix Coyotes win 4 of their games then the Vancouver Canucks dreams of making it to the postseason will be over. It will not matter how they will play or how good their coming games will be. Their chances are now completely dependent on the outcome of the teams.
Despite that the obvious has been there for anyone who wants to see it. The Canucks have been in hot water for some time now. The team has not been performing well for some time now and getting a 5-1 beating only added more weight to the argument. By Sunday there are 6 games left for the regular season to offer and the Canucks are dependent on the other teams to fail or win so that they have their shot at postseason. They have fallen so low that they can’t even promise their own spot on the postseason by relying on their own performance.
Canucks know where they stand and how bad of a situation they are in. Their centre Brad Richardson came up truly about their situation and didn’t add any words to mince the truth, saying that with such a game as they are playing they didn’t have a shot at postseason and even though they were missing it because of their own fault it didn’t make it easier to see themselves out of the game.
“We’re trying to look for some help but I don’t know if we really deserve it, to be honest,” he said. “It sucks being in a position where you have to rely on other teams to lose. And we’re not winning our games so what do you expect?”
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