Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin has the best business cards ever

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If you're looking for an awesome idea for business cards, look no further.

Vanderbilt head football coach James Franklin has quite possibly the coolest business card I've ever seen.

Franklin is in a kind of tough place to win. The SEC is a murderer's row of championship caliber teams, and Vanderbilt is far from a perennial powerhouse.

This might be a nice way to bring in recruits, though.

There are unconfirmed reports that the Vandy star is detachable, and is actually a throwing star.

I'm not saying I believe that part, I'm just saying that someone is saying that.

Throwing star or not, this is a pretty awesome business card, and I'd love to know how much these bad boys cost.

If you had something like this, would you be handing them out like candy? Or would you just show people, and then ask them to give it back when they're done looking?

I'd want everyone in the world to have one... but at the same time, I'd also be scared to lose one. 

What a struggle.
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