Vernon Carey looking for a come back next season

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Last year Vernon Carey though he didn’t have much left in him to continue playing in the NFL. But after spending a spending a year of his retirement making a list of the pros and cons, Vernon Carey had a change of heart and announced that he’s attempting a comeback this season.
Selected in the first round out of University of Miami by the Miami Dolphins during the 2004 drafts, Vernon Carey predominantly played right tackle for the team. However in 2007, the Vernon Carey was moved to left tackle but the move didn’t produce the projected results, which forced the Miami Dolphins to shift him back to the right side of the offense. Restored to his former position, Vernon Carey had one of the better campaigns of his career the following season (ranking as the 7th tackle in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus). However, Vernon Carey’s performance again dropped between 2009 and 2010. In his final season, the Miami Dolphins decided to move him to guard (to adjust Marc Colombo at right tackle), after re-signing Vernon Carey on a significantly lower paying contract but the scheme didn’t pan-out as well as initially expected. The Miami Dolphins continued rebuilding the right side of the offensive line for the 2012 season; but Veron Carey went unsigned since he wasn’t part of the Miami’s future.
Before announcing his retirement from NFL in early August last year, Vernon Carey played eight seasons in the NFL, all as a part of the Miami Dolphins roster. Although Vernon Carey’s performances rarely had a brilliant spot, he still played good enough for Miami to hold onto his job. Vernon Carey played 121 career games, including starting for 107.
Teams looking to add depth to their offensive line could be interested in taking a chance on the versatile veteran. However at 31, Vernon Carey has slim chances of returning to a starting role on any potentially interested team.
The New York Jets were reportedly interested in acquiring Vernon Carey last year, and approached him to take on a role in replacing tackle Wayne Hunter. But Vernon Carey turned down the offer, expressing contentment with his job as a high school coach rather than further pursuing a career at playing football in NFL.
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