Vick: Still in my “prime...I’m not a backup”

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With several starting quarterbacks across the league facing a disappointing season, Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick just became the whiniest of the lot. Michael Vick’s pride is rendering him incapable of seeing the inevitable outcome of a turning the ball over 14 times in just nine games and failing to live-up to his six-year,$100 million contract. And not enough can be said of the lacking in Michael Vick’s pass-protection and call-playing.
Still, after the dynamics of the offense shifted once again Michael Vick believes he’s much left to offer as a starter if not with the Philadelphia Eagles (where he’s respectfully let Nick Foles take helm of the first-team offense) then somewhere else when the right approaches.
"I'm not a backup. Just being honest, just being candid. I'm a full-fledged starter. That's what I've got in me, that's what I provide, that's what I offer,” said Michael Vick. “Whatever happens, wherever I end up, they're going to get 110 percent.”
The Philadelphia Eagles landed in a five game slide with Michael Vick starting in absence of Kevin Kolb during Week 5. However, after sustaining a head injury against the Dallas Cowboys on 11th November and subsequently remaining inactive over three games, Michael Vick was benched in Week 13 giving Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Nick Foles his first career start against the Washington Redskins.
“I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the organization for giving me an opportunity,” said Michael Vick, who landed a shot at reviving his career with the Philadelphia Eagles after completing a prison sentence on dog fighting charges. “The one thing I can go out and say is that each and every down I gave it 110 percent… I feel like I did everything I could to put this team in a position to win, and that was my giveback.”
Michael Vick is due $15.5 million next season with $3 million becoming guaranteed on 2nd February. But the trade deadline doesn’t open until March, which puts the Philadelphia Eagles in a tricky situation if they try to take the trade route for taking Michael Vick off the books. That means that its more likely the Philadelphia Eagles may cut Michael Vick following or ahead of the Super Bowl, since it doesn’t make sense to offer spend this kind of money on a third-string quarterback.
"I want to start. Yeah, I'm a starter,” said Michael Vick. “I'll feel that way until I start to feel like I'm becoming a problem on the team. “
Then there should be concern over the long-term physical capability of a 32-year-old quarterback like Michael Vick taking as many hits and sustaining at least two concussions over the past few seasons. Still Michael Vick insists he’s compensating the physical part of the game by substantially improving in the metal part of the game this season.
"I just feel like I have made so many strides as far as learning the defensive part of the game and kind of piecing it together with the offense,” said Michael Vick. "I feel like over the last two years I've kind of gotten better in the protection game and learning defensive schemes."
“I’ve got prime left, man,” added Michael Vick. “I’m just getting started.”
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