Video: Derrick Rose Plays One-On-One

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Blog Photo - Video:  Derrick Rose Plays One-On-One
There have been a lot of opinions as to when Derrick Rose should return to the basketball court this season.  Medically speaking, when a player is cleared to play basketball, the player should be healthy enough to return to the court without re-injuring himself.  The only question is whether or not the player can return back to a high level of conditioning and a high level of confidence in the area they were injured.
This video shows Derrick Rose playing one-on-one with his teammates.  Obviously, playing in a real full court game is entirely different, however, Rose does seem like his confidence level is increasing.  With just 13 games left in the regular season for the Chicago Bulls, it would be a tremendous disappointment if Rose does not return to the court some time before the playoffs.  If Rose is going to make any impact in the playoffs, it is absolutely crucial that he plays in at least a handful of games before the playoffs begin.  And if he does return to even a shell of himself, there is no reason why the playoff bound Bulls who have played the entire season without him; can't succeed with him once he returns. 

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This video concerns the hell out of me as a fan. He showed zero explosiveness to the rim. He appeared content with the step back jumper, which is a low percentage shot. Keep in mind, he wasn't being guarded by guys like Deng or Butler. Cook, Teague, Mohammed, Radmonovic, along with the D-Leaguer called up, aren't top level defenders. Most of his jumpers looked flat. Yikes.