1984 Olympic Games Promo Music Video
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The Best And Worst Olympic Promo Music Video You Will Ever See

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This 1984 Olympic promo music video is an absolute acid trip of epic proportions. It features the official song of those Olympic Games, "Olympia", by Sergio Mendes. It was, I kid you not, a promotional music video for the 1984 Olympics - and it may be the real reason why the Russians boycotted those Games. This monstrosity also appeared on MTV, back when MTV used to show music videos, which was forever ago.

The video provides you with a brief history of the Games through interpretive dance, cheesy 80s music, a lot of suggestive sword-grabbing, and costumes that were likely worn in the movie The Beastmaster.

I don't even think the Chinese could make an Olympic music video this awesome, and that's saying something.
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8/8/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Warning - This video should be only watched in open and well ventilated areas due to the 80's fumes that this video generates. This video may cause headaches, sweating, anorexia in ties, excessive use of day-glow or pastels, dancing like an Egyptian, and in some case Pac-Man Fever

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i hate double posts...

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One time I saw two guys making out in the park and that was the gayest thing I have ever seen. Until this...