2008 Preakness Odds - Running of the Urinals at Pimlico
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A Tradition Unlike Any Other ... Idiots Dodging Wasted Beer

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One of the most bizarre sports fans (and I use this term loosely here) traditions is the 'Running of the Urinals' that takes place at Pimlico Race Course during the Preakness Stakes.

It's actually dumber and more entertaining than it sounds.

Attendees that get inebriated enough to believe running atop a line of port-o-potties is a good idea take the plunge in front of hundreds of beer launching revelers. This actually happens. Video proof above.

Big Brown has some great odds for this year's Preakness, but the odds are even better that I'll be posting video of this year's running of the urinals are ever better.

Speaking of race odds, here we go:

1. Macho Again 20-1
2. Tres Borrachos 30-1
3. Icabad Crane 30-1
4. Yankee Bravo 15-1
5. Behindatthebar SCRATCHED
6. Racecar Rhapsody 30-1
7. Big Brown 1-2
8. Kentucky Bear 15-1
9. Stevil 30-1
10. Riley Tucker 30-1
11. Giant Moon 30-1
12. Gayego 8-1
13. Hey Byrn 20-1

Behindatthebar was going to be my choice, not only for a new screen name, but for the 'choose the best name to win' theory of horse racing. Oh well, for horse racing's sake it'd be nice to see Big Brown win and I have no reason to think he won't.

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