73-Year-Old Ken Mink Makes Roane State Junior College Basketball Team
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I Just Hope He Makes It Through The Season Alive

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The video that you see above is not the result of CGI graphics. It is in fact a 73-year-old man playing basketball. And as amazing as that is, this is probably even more amazing. He's on the Roane State junior college basketball team.

Yes, you read that right.

Ken Mink, who's still clearly dyeing his mustache, is likely without question the oldest person to ever play college hoops. To put Mink's age in perspective, Utah State's Gary Wilkinson will be among the oldest Division I players this season - he just turned 26.

Now, if you're saying to yourself, 'How in God's name can a 73-year-old make a basketball team?', it's because Roane State only has 4 students on campus. No, I kid. Mink was kicked out of school in 1956, and so technically he still has NCAA eligibility left.

Apparently there's also talk that Mink might get some game time when the season finally starts, which means an automatic 10 points for whoever he's guarding for those brief 30 seconds. But all that said, you have to hand it to the guy. He can still hit shots and we'll all be lucky if we can move like he does at 73. 

I just wish he could dunk. Imagine getting dunked on by a 73-year-old. That'd be more embarrassing than getting dunked on by a dude in a wheelchair.

Senior season: 73-year-old laces up the hightops [Fox Sports]
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10/24/08   |   TheRealScore

Can't wait for the comments from fans in the stands.

"Pick up your jock. You just got schooled by grandpa."
"Heck, even the old man can hit a layup."
"He plays defense like a fart in the wind. You know he's there because you can smell the pee."
"Hey, did you get the new promotion mug. It even came with a trial of Geritol and Fixadent. Next week, there is the whoopie cushion sponsored by Depends."

10/24/08   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

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That might be the coolest story I've read all year.

Just really really hope he doesn't break a hip.