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A Collection of Rugby Hits As the Rugby World Cup Gets Underway

9/9/07 in Rugby Union   |   Jon   |   5 respect

As we wait for the NFL season to truly start in about an hour, another hard(er?) hitting sport is also just beginning a big event.

This weekend, the Rugby World Cup got underway in France. Yes, the United States is involved, and yes, we are expected to fare poorly. However, in the US team's first match, they only lost 28-10 to England. That's not so bad. Japan managed to lose 91-3 to Australia. So maybe there's one team out there that the United States is better than at rugby.

Over in our rugby section, lonejafa has been making some great polls to keep you up to date on the action, from the stalwarts like his beloved All Blacks, Australia, Ireland and England, to minnows like Georgia (the country, not the state, presumably) and the aforementioned Japan.

So while you're waiting for a bunch of sissies in full pads to begin their season, enjoy these great hits from the rugby world.
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10/11/07   |   geomon25

This has to be some of the best clips of rugby hits that I have seen in quite some time.  That is what I love about the sport.  This is better than American Football anyday.  Hockey is up there but Rugby takes the cake.

9/9/07   |   Poli_   |   93 respect

I'm in oval ball heaven at the mo'...well maybe not with Michigan. Hopefully the Pats will come through (my Survival Football pick is riding on it)