Adrian Peterson Runs Over Al Harris, Payback For 2007 Low Hit

When AD Decides He Wants To Run You Over, There's Nothing You Can Do About It If Your Name Is Al Harris

9/9/08 in NFL   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

When Adrian Peterson took this carry out into the left flat late in the 1st quarter, you could immediately tell when his eyes met Al Harris.

Peterson has an endless array of separation moves at his disposal, but he'd made up his mind long before the game started about how this confrontation would end.

"No grudges, but I definitely wanted to come out and, if I had the opportunity, put a little boom on Harris."

Purple Jesus is speaking of that fact that it was Al Harris who came in low at his knees last season at Lambeau Field, a hit that knocked Peterson out for several weeks, and when he returned he never truly got his legs back.

So did AD get him back? Boom went the Al Harris. I'd say he did.

Peterson wanted shot at Harris [Packers Blog]
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9/9/08   |   Powderguy

Well, Al HARRIS can't be a top tier defender on every single play.  Besides, he didn't blow a coverage on AP, he just got trucked.  Don't bother because Pack still got the W!

9/9/08   |   james21X

Ya the Pack won but still, Al Harrison is supposed to be a Top Tier DB and in that play he forgot who he was. Forget 'All Day' i say its Lights Out.

9/9/08   |   TheBigThree   |   1 respect

This man has the ferocity of a grizzly bear and the swiftness of a gazelle.

I'm Jack Hanna and I approve this message.