Albert Pujols Takes Out Padres Pitcher Young And Catcher Bard In One Inning


5/22/08 in MLB   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I'm pretty sure the Padres are glad that the St. Louis Cardinals left town last night, because if the Cards had stuck around much longer Albert Pujols may have killed everyone on their team.

In the 3rd inning Pujols drilled Chris Young in the face with a line drive, breaking his nose. Then, in the same inning, he stuck a cleat into catcher Josh Bard's ankle during a slide at home. That's pretty efficient work, taking out 22% of the Padres starting lineup in a matter of minutes. Apparently he also slit the San Diego Chicken's throat with a broken bat.

The Padres were apparently so scared of Pujols they didn't even bother to buzz his head during his following plate appearances. Man, if that doesn't explain why the Padres suck so bad this year, I don't know what does. The next time these two teams meet up is July 17th. Hopefully the Padres can grow a pair by then. Either that or maybe Pujols can injure the 7 other guys he missed the first time.
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5/26/08   |   Yankees11   |   64 respect

Id feel like crap if i broke a pitcher's nose and spprained a catchers ankle but at least Pujols was man enough to walk over and make sure he was ok and prayed for the pitcher if thats not good sportsmanship idk wat is

5/23/08   |   PaulAbbott   |   6 respect

i bet Pujols feels like a jerk, even though both plays were ultimately out of his control. The catcher should have known. Maybe I think that because Jose Baustista (Pirates) never gets in the way of someone sliding into home.

5/22/08   |   Kegger   |   13 respect

The commentator gave me a giggle with his "Pujols has taken out the battery tonight" comment.  The stars must have been aligned perfectly for him to do two freak things like that in one inning of a game.

5/22/08   |   primo   |   1 respect

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Albert Pujols with no regard for human life!!!

5/22/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

If the Cards were to play the Padres till Saturday, Kevin Towers may not have anything left for the "fire sale". He may resort to "insurance fire".

5/22/08   |   mck45209

That sets up nicely for the struggling Reds.......maybe.

5/22/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I wouldn't exactly call that 'sticking a cleat' into Bard.  He straight up stepped on him and snapped the ankle in two.  Still, neither incidents were intentional, and I don't see a reason to 'buzz' him.  He was actually praying for Young.  I don't like that giant freak, but at least he can be proud of being the only player in baseball with a hockey nose.  I wish Derrek Lee would have manned up and rearranged Young's face when they got into it a while back.

Bard actually just got a sprained ankle.

I realize neither was intentional, but if this was 40 years ago, Pujols would have gotten a fastball to the ribcage in every at bat following.