Alex Rodriguez' Home Run Another Missed Call at Yankee Stadium [MLB Walk-Off]

Since It Was A-Rod, We Can Live With This Error

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Impressed by the continuing poor work done by NBA officials, MLB umpires are keeping pace this week with yet another botched home run call at Yankee Stadium.

Since it was Alex Rodriguez who got robbed, we can live with this one. But seriously, let's get this instant replay thing approved pronto.

Like Sunday's missed HR in New York, it was of little influence to the outcome of the game but that still shouldn't change Bud Selig's reaction.

You'd love for an umpire to see that this ball CLEARLY hits the cement staircase above right center field instead of a padded wall, but a hard drive like this it's impossible for the generally overweight umps to get in good position.

Replay. Do it.

Yankees 8, Orioles 0.

Brandon Webb Losses?
It's true, Webb's bid for 10-0 falls short due to those pesky Marlins. Fish 3, Snakes 1.

PujOWNED In case you missed it, you've got to see Albert Pujols' one inning wrecking crew on the San Diego Padres. Alberto only hit one baseball but it was good enough as the rest of his Cardinals rolled over SD. Birdss 11, Fathers 3.

Colon Cleans Up KC
Fat guy got back on the mound Wednesday in Boston and threw five decent innings to earn his first win. Bartolo will go back to eating now. Red Sox 6, Royals 3.
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Jeffery Meier is not pleased.

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that ball was are the umps looking at?