Alicia Sacramone Answers Terrible Questions By NBC's Andrea Joyce After Missing Out On Team Gold To China
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How Not To Conduct An Interview With An Athlete After They Have A Rough Go Of It

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During the 1992 Olympics, I remember when Shannon Miller of the US women's gymnastics team won the women's individual all-around silver. It was a very cool moment as a US women's gymnast had't done that well in forever. However, Miller missed gold by the slimest of margins ever in Olympic gymnastics history. 12 1/1000th of a point.

Regardless of that, her effort was still heroic, enough so that I can still recall it to this day. But there's also another thing I remember from later that evening after Miller won the gold. And that's the jackass reporter who asked her if she upset that she had "failed to win gold."

Miller gave the best answer possible, that she was proud of what she had accomplished, and that she didn't consider silver to be a failure at all.

Unfortunately, it appears that Olympic reporters haven't learned from the past though. Because last night or today or whenever the hell it was in China, NBC's Andrea Joyce drilled Alicia Sacramone by asking her SEVEN questions about her poor performance in her final two events of the team all-around competition in which the US won silver. 

I did have the YouTube clip up, but naturally NBC pulled it. Why? Because they want you to go to their site to see Joyce abuse Sacramone. So here you go. And go to hell NBC.

Sacramone does pretty well, until about the final question, where she seems to start to choke up a bit. And on top of this one-on-one interview, Joyce then interviewed the whole team and mentions "misfortunes," and "disappointment." This time Sacramone really does look like she's crying.

And I'm not mad about this because Sacramone is a woman. I'm mad because these questions are ridiculous. It's like saying to Tom Brady after the Super Bowl loss: "Hey, Tom. You really sucked hard out there in the fourth quarter. How does it feel to fail in the Super Bowl? Loser."

I'm always amazed that athletes don't blow up more often when reporters drill them with asinine questions like these. Look, they feel bad enough. They aren't some politician who just sold nuclear secrets to Castro and deserve a few harsh, pointed questions. They play a game.

Personally, I think Sacramone should have done to Joyce what she did to this drunk fool at Brown.

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8/18/08   |   geerawrd

<3 Alicia Sacramone

That reporter is an ASS!

8/14/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Hey Andrea did you have money on this or something? 

As impossible as this sounds, I hope Chad Curtis become a gymnast just so he can punk you Andrea Joyce, like he did Jim Grey. 

8/14/08   |   TurkogluForMVP   |   50 respect

The reporter needs to publicly apologize, I agree with that. Alicia is a sweet girl it seems like and I'm sure everyone around her is cheering her up and attempting to make things better. Someone needs to go on and butcher that reporter. (I'm sure someone has it just wasnt aired.)

8/14/08   |   CORRY20

She is very cute

8/14/08   |   dallasfan   |   8 respect

I agree with you folks. The reporter had no right to go as far as she did with her, and you could obviously tell that she was crying and the interview should of ended there. I am really suprised that the reporter didnt get drilled, cause if I was in her shoes that probably what I would of done. Cause it was uncalled for, and there should be a public apolgy from the reporter.

8/14/08   |   ptsube

Wow! I am a 27YO man and I was crying for her. Last night, and watching those videos. That was sad. The second video, the interviewer just ignored Alicia. They put her behind Shawn as if to bury her. I feel so bad for Alica. She seems like such a sweet girl. And I'm sure she has, and will beat herself up enough. Long after the media has forgoten this, she will remember. The dumbass media needs to realize that the story isn't the most important thing.

8/14/08   |   accv1967

these reporters are nothing but athletic wannabee's . they were never good enough to
make it on the field of they become sports reporters.
i would love to see these reporters do what these athletes do.
they would get their behinds handed to them in a heartbeat.

8/13/08   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

You guys know she's Johnny Sac's daughter right?

8/13/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Alicia, if it makes you feel any better, I'd never interview you like that.

8/13/08   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

This is why I can't stand American sports media during the Olympics.