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Allison Stokke: 4th place at State Finals, 1st in our hearts

6/3/07 in HS Track   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Dear Mr. Stokke,

I'm posting this to show her exquisite technique, and to applaud her accomplishments.

Stokke, who came into the meet as the No. 2 vaulter in the the United States, cleared 12 feet, 10 inches in the pole vault finals to finish fourth overall at the 89th annual California State Track and Field championships Saturday at Hughes Stadium in Sacramento.

Yeah, ok. Not really. You can tell by the still frame above why I'm posting this video.

Source: (OC Register)
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6/22/07   |   Wolfman888

Even if she didn't do well, she should still be proud of herself. Polevault is a really hard event in Track, and takes alot of practice.