Andy Roddick Outburst On Umpire At Australian Open
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Andy Roddick Reminds The Umpire Of His Job In A Less Than Tactful Manner

1/20/10 in Tennis   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Warning: NSFW Language

Andy Roddick still ended up dispatching of Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci in straight sets, but not quite as quickly as he had originally thought. On what would have been the match-winning point, the umpire called Bellucci's shot out, and Roddick didn't try to return it, although he could have.

Bellucci challenged the call, and Roddick lost the point. Roddick maintained that he could have hit the ball, had it not been incorrectly called out. The umpire disagreed, apparently. Roddick protested initially, and then after the match, as well, offering the umpire a little colorful language in the process.

Two Down, Five Dirty Words To Go For Andy Roddick [Deadspin]
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1/21/10   |   bonacci_91   |   27 respect

I remember he did something similar last yr (or maybe 2008) where he called the chair-umpire a "High-school dropout" then told the crowd to "stay in school" because of another hawkeye challenge against him. I think he also added "Is this where dropouts end up?" or something along the lines of that.

1/20/10   |   srichard127   |   9 respect

i love it!  let roddick say whats on his mind.  i mean he was hanging out with T.O. a couple days ago so let it slide

1/20/10   |   jtrain11   |   188 respect

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1/20/10   |   fooltomery   |   21 respect

Trying to think of at least one reason to watch tennis on television...


Maybe one will occur to me later...

1/20/10   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Careful Andy, they may get one of the ball boys to relieve themselves on you if you don't tone it down.

1/20/10   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

MarkTheShark wrote:
Nice. He did not, however, threaten to shove the ball down the umpire's f-n throat.

It was still only the 2nd round, that same kind of call happens later in the Open, it'll be definitely more of "Serena" situation.

Del Potro was called for two foot-faults in the 2nd set against James Blake and almost went for a full blow-up as well.

1/20/10   |   MarkTheShark   |   590 respect

Nice. He did not, however, threaten to shove the ball down the umpire's f-n throat.