Anquan Boldin Knocked Out By The Jets Eric Smith Big Hit

Normally We'd Say He Got Jacked Up, But That Might Be In Poor Taste

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During the boring defensive stalemate at the Meadowlands, the Cardinals' Anquan Boldin took a big hit from the Jets' Eric Smith and was forced the leave the game on a stretcher.

We've definitely seen bigger hits, but this may have been aided by Boldin being sandwiched between another Jets defender.

The good news is that Boldin is alert and moving all extremities, and like a true football player would like the leave the hospital now.

"He's alert. He's talking and moving all his extremities,'' said Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt. "He asked to get up, and the doctors won't let him.''

For those that have NFL Sunday Ticket, wasn't there a stretch of football early this afternoon where more than three games at one time were paused do to serious injuries? Not good.
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 The hit is just violent and the way his body goes limp instantaneously is plain scary.  Get well soon, Anquan.