Antonio Bryant One-Handed Catch On Monday Night Football

Here's Your NFL Catch Of The Year

12/9/08 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Antonio Bryant, who's supposed to have been good for about the past 8 years, has finally turned into a decent receiver this season. And to prove that point, he made one insane catch on Monday Night Football last night that right now is easily the catch of the year in the NFL. Anytime you have to change directions on a dime and get totally horizontal to the ground all while making a one-handed catch, you're good in my book. 

And for those of you wondering, yes, I think Bryant's catch is better than Jerricho Cotchery's catch, since it involved Bryant having to completely change directions.

Interestingly though, Bryant's catch isn't even anywhere close to the catch of the year, which was turned in by Morgan State's Edwin Baptiste.

As great as Bryant's catch was, it's tough when some guy has the greatest catch in the history of football in the same year as you. Unless of course you consider this to be the greatest catch ever.

I'm still sticking with Baptiste.
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12/10/08   |   Toejam   |   22 respect

I have heard that the new gloves they are wearing this year are better than stickum....have to wonder if that is why we are seeing catches like this any rate great grab

12/9/08   |   bettorfan

If that was the winning TD then it would have been a whole lot better.