Antonio Margarito Knocks Out Miguel Cotto

A Great Fight, But A Bad Outcome For Boxing

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Although the Cotto/Margarito fight was definitely worth whatever you paid for it, it didn't exactly have the conclusion that I think a lot of people were hoping for.

Margarito wound up pummeling Cotto late and it was Cotto's own corner that threw in the towel for him in the 11th round after he'd been knocked to the canvas twice. And, frankly, it was the right decision. Cotto was about as out of it as I've seen a guy in while. He could barley stand on his feet.

The problem is that while this was a great fight, had Cotto won, and remained undefeated, he would have beaten every welterweight with the exception of Floyd Mayweather - who's, of course, "retired."

The thought was, if Cotto won, someone would find enough money to get Mayweather out of retirement to face Cotto for all the marbles.

Now, that seems about as likely as Mayweather refusing to make it rain at clubs.

In my mind, boxing needed a Cotto/Mayweather fight to stir up interest in the sport once more. The stoic, businesslike Cotto, versus the brash (read: jackass) Mayweather would have been quiet a storyline and made for one compelling fight.

Now, however, I fear boxing may just keep getting swept under the rug by MMA.
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chadesanders wrote:
MMA is sinking boxings ship fast

I wouldn't say MMA is sinking boxings ship.  Boxing is going though a renaissance right know.  Over the last 2 years there have been a ton of great fights.  De la Hoya - Mayweather set a PPV record with 2.15 million buys.  The most buy a UFC PPV did was 1.2 million with Liddell - Couture 3.  True MMa is more popular now, but boxing is coming back, all without a strong Heavyweight division.

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i actually like both alot but it seems the thing right now is MMA

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MMA is sinking boxings ship fast

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It was a great fight and you'd have to think there will be a rematch soon.  There will be a ton of hype leading up to the fight.  Hopefully it can live up to it again!

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It's not bad for boxing.  A couple of year ago Floyd Mayweather turned down 8 million dollars to fight Margarito.  Some people said Mayweather was ducking him but Mayweather said Magarito was not in his league.  I didn't agree with Floyd then and I don't agree with him now.

Even if Floyd stays retired, a Margarito-Cotto rematch would be huge!